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What my customers are saying

Natasha and I just watched our wedding video for the first time and were both in tears! Dammit Sharon! Lol You did an absolutely amazing job capturing everything we remember and everything we didn't. Thank you! We can't wait to share this with our families and watch together for years to come!

Jeremy + Natasha Homer

I always love a surprise email (or in this case - a card in the mail) from a very happy couple!

Thank you for your sweet words.

"Sharon, we just watched our wedding video for the 5th time - I can't tell you how incredible it was!  We relived our wedding, in every detail, again and again. We cried, laughed, and were exhausted by the end of it.  We're so grateful to have this to watch for many years to come!!!"

Débora + Adam Belisle

"Jason and I just watched our wedding video and we wouldn't have went with anybody else. It was the best investment we made for our wedding. Sharon did an amazing job capturing all those moments that you don't remember because the day goes by in a flash. Thank you for being so easy to work with!"

Stephanie + Jason

"Hi Sharon!  We saw the video last night and I cant thank u enough - it was gorgeous...we loved every minute of it.. I feel like I could just keep watching it.... thank u soo much again for being part of our special day u are amazing!!!!!!!!"

Liz Domingues

"We received a great surprise today when our video was delivered to our house after hours! It was so amazing to see everything through our guests' eyes. Sharon, you did a beautiful job. Wabuya and I can't thank you enough!"

Holly Gaothusi


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